Electrical Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
January 24, 2017

On Monday, January 23, 2017, Station 39 Fire Police were dispatched to assist Pennsylvania State Police with closing Route 322 due to a wire being down in the roadway. Chief 39 arrived to assist with the closure as PECO advised they were busy with other power outages and their response would be delayed. While assisting with the road closure Chief 39 noticed that the wires were beginning to smoke, and shortly after ignited into a fire ball on the side of building. The occupant of the building also exited his apartment and advised his building was on fire. Chief 39 contacted Chester County Fire Radio to request the Building Response be dispatched and requested PECO to expedite their response. All units arrived on location and were staged due to the power being live and the electrical hazard being high. Crews monitored the fire from a safe distance and made sure all occupants were out of the building, once PECO arrived and secured the electric power to the building crews were assigned to extinguish the outside fire and check all the building units for fire extension and smoke, which the results were negative. It was determined that due to the masonry construction of the building there was no fire extension to the building and units were cleared.

Units: Chief 39, Engines 39-1, 39-2, 39-3 ,Tanker 39, FM 50
Mutual Aid: Engine 46-2, Assistant 51, Engine 51- 1, Tower 45, Tanker 52, Traffic 52, Engine 53 for the Rapid Intervention Assignment, 55 Ambulance, and PECO
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