Woods Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
November 30, 2017

Wednesday afternoon the West Bradford Fire Co, was dispatched to a woods fire shorty after 2:00pm in the East Bradford Twp section of our district. Chief 39 arrived to find a rapidly spreading woods fire up steep embankments and requested 2 additional brush trucks. Tac 39 and Brush 39 arrived to begin fire suppression and protecting exposures to a garage and pickup truck, along with the two additional units being Brush 45 and Brush 51 and Engine 45. Additional units responded with manpower due to the steep slopes and the inability for apparatus to access the fire. Brush 35-2 was dispatched as a water supply piece due to the large amount of water it carries and the narrow roadway that would not allow traditional apparatus access to the location. Crews worked for approximately 2 hours to contain, extinguish and check for hot spots on the approximately 2 acre fire, before clearing the scene.

Modena Fire Co and Po-Mar-Lin Fire Co provided stand by crews while we were at this call.

Units: Brush 39, Chief 39, Tac 39, Tanker 39
Mutual Aid: Brush 45, Brush 51, Brush 35-2, Engine 45, Engines 46-1, 46-2, MICU 46, ATV 46, Squad 51, Forestry 17, FM 40
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