Propane Tank Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
December 17, 2017

Friday evening at approximately 6:30 pm the company was dispatched to the area of Romansville Road and Strasburg Road for a gas grill fire. The caller also called and advised two additonal locations with the correct location being West Chester Road and Romansville Road. Chief 39 arrived to find a 20 pound propane cylinder that had been hooked to a camping style heater that had been on fire, with the fire out. After speaking to a resident the heater was on the back porch and was going to be used in the house for auxilary heat, when the tank became engulfed in flames. Luckily this heater and tank was not inside the house at the time and the tank was able to be extinguished.

We would like to remind you, please do not use propane tanks inside your residence or any other structure and only use approved heat sources approved for indooor use if you plan to use them indoors. As with any auxilary heat source that uses a natural fuel source such as wood, propane, natural gas, fuel oil, etc. please be aware of Carbon Monoxide and make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning properly.

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