Northbrook Canoe Challenge
By Chief Jack Law III
May 6, 2018

Today various public safety agencies converged on the West Branch of the Brandywine Creek to support the 37th Annual Northbrook Canoe Challenge, which consists of a 10 mile canoe course from Mortonville to Northbrook that supports the Cerebral Palsy Association of Chester County. The units that were in attendance include Friendship Dive Rescue, Modena Fire Co, West Bradford Fire Co, Wagontown Fire Co, Telford Dive Rescue Team (Montgomery County) and Keystone Water Rescue (Berks County), as well as the ARES RACES Amateur Radio Group. These agencies ensure that the participants in the canoes have a safe trip and are there in case of any emergency that may arise. We would like to Thank Northbrook Canoe Co for inviting us to participate and supporting this cause for 37 years. West Bradford and Wagontown Fire Companies stood by at the low head dam near KOA Campground to assist the participants safely around the dam. The additional units stood by at other location, such as the railroad bridge and Harvey's Bridge to make sure everyone made it safely through the "strainers", which are logs and branches that gather from high water and create hazardous conditions for anyone boating near them.