Paradise Farm Camp Super Hero Week
By Chief Jack Law III
June 22, 2018

Today, Engine 39-3 (LT Barton) and Tanker 39 (Chief Law) traveled to Paradise Farms Camp to meet FF Turner who is also an employee of Paradise Farms, in our section of East Bradford Twp to participate in Super Hero Week. We were able to provide the campers a lot of interesting facts about what we do as volunteer fire fighters, show them our apparatus and answer a lot of questions. However, most importantly we let them know that although we are sometimes seen as Hero's, we have no super powers, just good training and are every day ordinary people that volunteer our time to help out in our communities. The campers enjoyed seeing the equipment and watching FF Turner dress in his "Super Hero" attire, however, the highlight of the event was the rain showers that we were able to provided with the deck gun on Engine 39-3, luckily the real rain held off until we returned to station.