Accident with Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
June 22, 2018

Shorty before 3:00 pm, the company and Station 37 Ambulance were alerted to the vehicle accident on Broad Run Road at Chestnut Lane. Not long after the first dispatch, the incident was upgraded to an accident involving fire and wires down. Assistant 39 arrived to report a vehicle well involved with no access due to the live wires down on both sides of the vehicle. Engine's 39-1 and 39-3 and Tanker 39 made the response as well as 37 Ambulance and 44 Ambulance (as they were returning from Chester County Hospital). It was determined that everyone was out of the vehicle and luckily no one sustained any injuries from the accident. The crews waited for PECO to arrive to de-energize the live wires so we could extinguish the vehicle fire and the surrounding brush that began to burn. The accident knocked one pole and transformer over blocking the road and cracked another pole. Fire Police closed down the surrounding roadways until the area could be cleared of all apparatus and made safe.

Units: Engine's 39-1 and 39-3, Tanker 39, Chief and Assistant 39
Mutual Aid: 37 Ambulance, 37 Fire Police, PSPE