Vehicle vs Tree
By Chief Jack Law III
June 23, 2018

Approximately 3:30 pm on Saturday the accident assignment was dispatched for a vehicle vs tree in the area of Hillcrest Dr., a second caller reported the accident on Stouff Road. Upon the response of Chief 39 the County advised their were no injuries and the subjects involved did not want a response from police. Chief 39 advised the response would continue to respond and upon arrival found that the vehicle struck a large tree and was blocking one lane of travel, and that one occupant needed medical attention. Ambulance 37 treated the patient and transported to the local hospital while the 39 crew controlled hazards and fire police closed down the roadway. Shortly after the arrival of all apparatus the County advised Chief 39 of a second accident involving a motorcycle at the intersection of Strasburg and Shadyside Roads, within the traffic circle. Rescue 39 was released and made the response to the second call. Engine 39-3 and the Chief remained to await the tow company. All units cleared around 5:00pm.

Units: Engine 39-3, Rescue 39, Chief 39 and 39 Fire Police
Mutual Aid: 37 EMS, PSPE and West End Towing