Back in Time
By Chief Jack Law III
July 13, 2018

On Tuesday, July 10 2018, the parking lot of the Marshallton station was steaming, not only was the temperature hot and the humidity high, The Friends of Auburn Heights Preserve and the Marshall Steam Team held their 2018 Eastern Steam Car Tour and used the Marshallton station of the West Bradford Fire Co for a "pit stop". This tour consisted of various routes from less than 50 to more than 80 miles per day making for a 350 mile tour week. The steam cars are powered by a steam engine, which is an external combustion engine where the fuel is combusted away from the engine as opposed to an internal combustion engine where the fuel is combusted within the engine. Anyway, the steam cars could travel 25 to 40 miles before needing to refill with water to complete their journey and they asked the West Bradford Fire Co to use the station to refill. We were happy to participate in this journey back in time. We have attached a few pictures of the steam cars that stopped at the station.