Automatic Fire Alarm and Important Safety Message
By Chief Jack Law III
August 6, 2018

Monday morning at 6:14 am the company was dispatched for an Automatic Fire Alarm, which we respond to many of these on a regular basis, thankfully the majority are false alarms, (which this one was) or set off by unattended cooking and require no services. This morning while at the fire alarm, we were investigating other buildings on the property to make sure everything was OK and found a safety concern that could lead to a delay in securing a water supply. If we were not familiar with the property this could be a potential problem. While checking the main building on the property we like to check our surroundings should there ever be an actual emergency we can see what we should be aware of. Some of the crew members were aware of a important piece of fire equipment on this property, however, lets say that you are a Volunteer Firefighter, and you have been awaken at 2:00am to respond to a fire, would you have been able to find this fire hydrant at 2:00 am in the morning ?

Please make sure the fire hydrants on or near your property are visible and accessible, not obstructed by bushes, trees, fencing or other items that may delay the fire company from securing a water source to fight a fire.