Important MarshalltonTriathlon Update
By Chief Jack Law III
October 5, 2018

It is with regret that we announce the canoe portion of the Marshalton Triathlon will be cancelled this year due to safety reasons. As many of you know we have experienced a tremendous amount of rainfall this year, (63 days over the last 96 days if one is counting), this has led to numerous log jams, faster current and dangerous conditions on the creek. We have exhausted our resources and had lengthy discussions, however, we all felt that in the best interest of the participants, especially the younger, less experienced that it would be best to cancel the canoe portion. We cannot express enough that this decision was based on the SAFETY of all involved. While we realize that the canoe portion was perhaps the best part of the Triathlon, we want every participant to return next year and have no accidents in or on the water that would cause injuries or death. For further information please see the Marshalton Triathlon website, link below. Please note WBFC will not be responding to emails or other social media requests and all inquiries should be directed to the Marshalton Triathlon email contact. Thank you very much for understanding.