Wires Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
April 12, 2019

Shortly before 6:00pm WBFC received an alert for wires on fire, Modena Ambulance while on their way back from another call reported wires down, burning and igniting surrounding brush. Chief 39 arrived to confirm the report and requested PECO to the scene. Due to the high voltage wires and the fire, with the assistance of Fire Police, Strasburg Road was closed in the area for everyone's safety. Crews waited for PECO to arrive so that the power could be shut down and the fire extinguished. After PECO confirmed the power was off, crews extinguished the fire and wet down the area, all units cleared at 8:19pm.

As a reminder, never approach, touch or drive over downed wires as serious injury or death could result. Please consider all wires as energized.

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