Horse Rescue
By Chief Jack Law III
July 12, 2019

Friday morning at 7:45 am the Chester County 911 Center alerted West Bradford and Po-Mar-Lin Fire Companies for a horse rescue in the Manorwood section of West Bradford Twp., Po-Mar-Lin Fire company was alerted for their LAR (Large Animal Rescue) Team and their gator. On arrival they were notified that Ellie, a 31 year old horse had slipped down an embankment and could not get back up. Since Po-Mar-Lin has extensive training in this field of service they were the lead agency and we supported their needs bringing in equipment and personnel. Crews walked to the location to assess the situation and found that the horse was across a small stream on a trail that had been washed out the night before in the heavy rains and could not stand back up given the terrain. At that point the crew made the decision to place Ellie on a sled device and pull her down hill to a flatter area. While this was happening several veterinarians were taking care of Ellie and closely watching her medical needs. Once on the sled we pulled her downhill however she could still not stand on the flat area, at this point a large tractor was requested from neighboring farmer, Steve Barr to pick Ellie up and bring her to the top of the hill into a small riding ring for evaluation, once there she received additional medical care and after some time was able to stand and walk on her own. She was led to her stall where she enjoyed some straw and rest.
Units cleared the scene around 11:00am. Thank you Po-Mar-Lin and Steve Barr for your assistance.