Slow Down / Move Over
By Chief Jack Law III
July 13, 2019

The attached photos are of a Chiefs vehicle that was stopped last week on a highway in York County PA, luckily the Chief was out of the vehicle checking on a motor vehicle accident that he was called to, when the vehicle was struck, luckily no one sustained injuries or became a statistic of another emergency service worker struck and killed while operating at a roadway incident. We would like to remind everyone that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, as well as approximately 43 other states have a "Slow Down, Move Over" Law, this law requires a motorist when approaching a stationary authorized emergency vehicle, such as a tow truck, highway maintenance, police vehicle or other emergency service vehicle with their flashing on to SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER. While in some cases on a two lane road such as what we have in the West Bradford area you may not be able to move over, however you are able to slow down. Over the last few months we have had motorists drive around road closure devices, as well as drive around fire police officers directing traffic around an emergency scene. These road closures are put in place for everyone's safety, from the persons involved, the emergency services personnel as well as the other motorists. Please SLOW DOWN / MOVE OVER, for all service vehicles stopped along the highway or roadway, as our lives depend on it and we all have families we would like to go home to when we are finished.