Tanker participates in water supply class
By Engineer Sohn Stark
September 9, 2019

Over the past weekend Tanker 39 and a crew participated in a Tanker water Supply (TWAS) hosted by the East Whiteland Fire Company, as they prepare to put their new tanker in service. This class focus is on the operation of the fill sites for tankers and dump sites for supplying a fire. This is a great class for exterior fire fighters to learn the ins and outs of the tanker fill sites and the proper procedures for the dump sites. Thank you to East Whiteland Fire Company for the invitation to this great class. Thank you to all who participated and. making their communities a little bit better.

Units: Tanker 39
Mutual Aid: Tanker 5, Tanker 61-2, Tanker 22, Engine 68-5, Engine 3-5, Engine 4-5, Engine 47-5, Engine 6-2 and Ladder 6