Poorhouse Road Vehicle Accident
By Chief Jack Law III
December 31, 2018

Sunday evening around 10:30 pm while MICU 46-2 was enroute to another incident in West Bradford Twp they came upon a two vehicle accident on Poorhouse Road that was blocking the roadway. They stopped to check on the occupants and requested the initial call be covered as, the accident victims needed immediate care. Chester County Dispatch then alerted WBFC and Station 144 Westwood EMS (Wagontown Division) as the second EMS unit due. While EMS cared for the victims, and transported to local hospitals, WBFC personnel controlled hazards and the fire police closed Poorhouse Road between Federal Dr. and Deer Dr., crews assisted with cleanup of the debris and cleared after the tow company removed both vehicles.

Mutual Aid: MICU 46-2, Ambulance 144 and PSPE