Upgrade from AFA to House Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
January 12, 2020

Early Sunday evening at approximately 8:38, WBFC was dispatched to a residential fire alarm. Upon arriving on location crews were met by a neighbor and allowed access into the dwelling to find a smoke condition on the second floor, the assignment was then upgraded to a dwelling fire, bringing mutual aid from Stations 36, 37, 38, and 45. Engine 39-3 secured a water supply at the hydrant in the front yard and stretched a handline to the front door, while crews from Engine 39-1 and Rescue 39 entered the dwelling to find the source of the smoke. After a brief search the incident was placed under control and found to be an unattended pan left on the stove. The assignment was scaled back to WBFC units, recalling all mutual aid. Crews ventilated the dwelling and returned to quarters at 9:35pm