Corona Virus (COVID-19)
By Chief Jack Law III
March 19, 2020

We hope this finds everyone well. While we know there is a lot of anxiety and unknowns at this time. We want to inform you that we stand ready to respond if needed and wanted to give you some information. We would like to advise that WBFC is doing everything possible to keep our crews healthy at this time, we are limiting our personnel to 3 individuals, once per week at each of our stations, while keeping our social distance while in the stations, in order to check critical equipment such as radios, air packs (SCBA), apparatus, battery operated rescue tools, and sanitizing equipment to name a few. We are limiting personnel contact with residents that we may encounter, please do not take offense if we do not accept a handshake or other forms of close social acknowledgment. We will keep our distance as recommended by the health organizations and we ask that you do the same, unless the situation prohibits us from doing so, we will take the necessary actions to assist. We will offer the same exceptional care and service that we have been offering since 1953 to the residents of our communities and our mutual aid partners, we will still be compassionate when responding to an emergency as we know when we are summoned it is most likely someone's worst day. We truly believe in customer service and will still offer the best we can in these rough times. We would ask that everyone heed the warnings, restrictions and notices that are being imposed or enacted in order to slow the spread and eventually stop the spread of COVID 19. We will attempt to post on social media as much as possible but please know we are still active in the community. May you all stay well.

Thank you
The Officers and Members of West Bradford Fire Co