Three Call Wednesday
By Chief Jack Law III
May 20, 2020

The WBFC volunteers were busy through the day on Wednesday, beginning at 8:50 am. the first call was a reported dwelling fire in the Romansville section of West Bradford Twp, Lt 39D arrived to find Pennsylvania State Troopers from the Embreeville Barracks on scene assisting the homeowner contain/extinguish the exterior fire with a garden hose, Chief 39 arrived and assumed Command, while Engine 39-1 arrived to assist with extinguishment and overhaul. The assignment was scaled back to Engine 39-1, Engine 36 and Engine 37-1. Units worked to check for extension and ventilate the inside of the residence. Units cleared at 10:21 am
The second call came in around 1:20 pm for a reported oven fire on Broad Run Road, Lt 39D arrived with Engine 39-1 and Engine 39-3 to find the fire out with a smoke condition inside, crews checked for extension and ventilated the dwelling. While wrapping up at this incident the company was dispatched for a medical emergency on Route 322 at Shadyside Road. Chief 39 arrived with GFAC EMS and recalled the fire apparatus as it was not needed.

Mutual Aid: Station 36, Station 37, Station 51, Ladder 53, EMS 55, Chesco FM 100, PSP FM, PSPE Troopers