TAC 39 out with the old and in with the new
By Chief Jack Law III
June 13, 2020

As some of you may be aware the West Bradford Fire Co has placed into service a new 2019 TAC 39, we have had the new unit, since approximately December 2019, we were in the process of getting all the equipment mounted and drivers qualified when COVID 19 became a problem. We suspended driver training on the new unit for some time as we did not want to expose our personnel unnecessarily to the virus. Unofficially, the new TAC was in service and could have been pressed into service if needed, however, the official announcement was made this past Thursday evening. Before we get into the new TAC 39 lets review some history on the old TAC 39. Old TAC 39 is a 1976 Dodge Power 300 Series, four wheel drive manufactured by Pierce Fire Equipment, with a 300 gallon water tank, 250 GPM pump and manual transmission, which made it difficult for some personnel to drive, this unit was purchased new by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and served as the fire brigade apparatus for Embreeville State Hospital, as TAC 79, stationed in the maintenance building with the Ambulance that they had on site. When the Embreeville Hospital began shutting down, WBFC began the process of acquiring TAC 79 from the Commonwealth. While the process took some time, we were successful. We had to perform some minor repairs and had it painted yellow/white (yes it was red) to match our apparatus, the unit served us well for many years. In 2017 - 2018 we decided to make some adjustments to our fleet and in doing so, we would be disposing of our reserve engine (Eng 39-2) and the old TAC. So with that decision we decided to replace the TAC with a newer version. New TAC 39 is a 2019 Ford F550, automatic transmission, 6.7 turbo diesel, four wheel drive, Four Guys Fire apparatus and is an upgrade with a 1000 GPM Darley water pump, 300 gallons of water, 5 gallon Class A Foam system, two 200 ft preconnected handlines, 200 ft. booster line, 1000 feet of 3 inch supply line with the ability of being split into dual 500 foot lays, two hard suction tubes for drafting from a static water supply, two SCBA, a gas meter, thermal imaging camera, two SCBA with spare bottles, LED scene lighting with two LED pole lights, 400 feet of forestry line, two chain saws, a 16 foot ladder, miscellaneous hand tools and hose fittings. The new TAC 39 is equipped for structural and wildland firefighting capabilities.