Trestle Bridge Fire
By Chief Jack Law III
July 5, 2020

This morning at 10:45 am the Downingtown Fire Department was alerted for the smoke investigation in the Trestle Bridge Industrial Center, shortly after arriving it was discovered that the high trestle over Route 322 was on fire again. Assistant 45 requested WBFC for the TAC and Tanker. Chief, TAC, Tanker, Engine 39-1 and Brush 39 responded and arrived to assist with extinguishing the fire, it was also determined that the embers from the bridge were falling down into the wooded area below igniting the dry brush. Engine 39-1, Brush 39, Brush 51 and Utility 39 were assigned that detail. TAC and Tanker 39 along with Brush and ATV 6 were assigned the top side on the Bridge with the DFD (ENG 45, Eng 46-2, Brush 45) units. Crews worked until approximately 1:30 pm to extinguish the fire as it was difficult to access and limited water supply at the actual scene, water was shuttled back and forth by the smaller brush trucks to a point where two - 200ft lines were stretched out onto the bridge itself.

We are again requesting that you do not venture out onto the bridge, this places yourself at great risk and also places our first responders at a greater risk, having to carry equipment and hose onto the bridge itself.