We Need Your Help
By Chief Jack Law III
August 2, 2020

As some of our community may know, the West Bradford Fire Company is an all volunteer fire company that has been protecting our community since 1953, we started in a small garage in a back alley in the village of Marshallton. We operate on donations from our residents and contributions from the municipalities we serve, we are made up of approximately 25 active personnel, that include fire police, who respond and direct traffic around emergency scene's; firefighters, who respond to all types of emergencies ranging from fires to motor vehicle accidents and even a few cat stuck in a tree calls, auxiliary and administrative personnel. As some of you also may know volunteering in the fire service is at an all time low and we are looking for your help. We are asking that you give it a try, we have many positions that you may be interested in, including fire police officers, firefighters, administrative positions and auxiliary members just to name a few. Give us a chance to show you what its like to help someone that dials 911 and needs assistance. We offer free training, protective equipment, gratitude that you are helping out in your community and friendships. We are all regular people who hold fulltime jobs, students and retirees that are giving back to the community we live in. A couple weeks ago were approached by local community members, Harrison and Mike at "Hero's Next Door" who have a You Tube channel and they were willing to do a short video for us to showcase our stations and apparatus, so take a look and see what you think, while viewing this video you will notice that our Fire Police Traffic Unit is missing in the video, that is because they were out on an assignment assisting in the community. We are here to assist those in our community and we ask that you assist us, helping our community.